Requests for assessor training must be received from a sponsoring organization/centre, as assessor training is not offered to individuals. Training is delivered to federally and provincially contracted assessors in CLARS Centres across Ontario and in assessment and referral centres across Canada.

All agencies are responsible for ensuring that candidates for CLB assessment instrument training demonstrate competencies in six core areas. More specialized criteria may be applied to some CCLB-recognized assessment instruments. Criteria for candidates relate to the following areas and all assessors using CCLB-recognized assessment instruments should demonstrate:

1. Adult Second Language Acquisition

  • Theoretical understanding of and practical experience working with appropriate stages of the Canadian Language Benchmarks and the Canadian Language Benchmarks for ESL literacy learners

2. Assessment in Adult ESL

  • Theoretical and practical experience in assessing second language proficiency
  • An ability to comment orally and in writing on the effectiveness of client’s communication

3. Cultural Sensitivity

  • Have knowledge of factors that may affect client performance in testing situations
  • Be sensitive to diverse needs of clients
  • Demonstrate tact, diplomacy and respect when dealing with clients

4. Interview Skills

  • Demonstrate effective listening and elicitation strategies
  • Demonstrate level-appropriate speech for clients with language proficiencies covering all stages of the CLB 2000
  • Demonstrate awareness of educational counselling principles

5. Decision-making Skills

  • Demonstrate the ability to make appropriate assessment decisions in the absence of clear indicators
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply policies and procedures effectively
  • Demonstrate use of personal judgment to effectively use CCLB-recognized instruments

6. English Language Proficiency

  • Demonstrate proficiency in spoken and written English