The CLBA-LL is a procedure that combines elements of both CLBA and the former CLBLA.

The Canadian Language Benchmarks for Adult Literacy Learners document published in 2016 introduced a new scale for the measurement of literacy ability. The scale aligns literacy benchmarks with ESL benchmarks so clients can be placed accurately and served appropriately in the classes that are available to them.

Because literacy placement test results must be based on the client’s ability to perform literacy tasks in English, the CLBLA can no longer be used in its original design as a measure of first-language literacy. For this reason, the CLBA-LL has been designed to utilize elements of the CLBA and CLBLA to determine an appropriate benchmark for a client.

Included in CLBA-LL Training:

  • 1.5 - 2 days of trainer-facilitated intensive instruction, skill application and coaching
  • Instruction in test administration protocol
  • Review of interview skills, with a focus on literacy clients
  • Analysis and scoring of case studies
  • Application of learned skills through practice interviews with literacy clients
  • CLBA-LL certification
  • A CLBA-LL kit for certified candidates
  • Additional CLBA-LL material as developed (e.g. test revisions/updates)

Assessor Training Eligibility

Candidates for CLBA-LL training must have prior CLBA certification. All candidates for training must meet the Criteria for Candidates for Assessor Training. Candidates and their sponsoring organization/centre will be held responsible for ensuring that all terms and conditions of CLBA use are adhered to, as described in the Agreements.

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