Centre for Education & Training Recruitment Services

Our solution is simple. Recruit and place people with the genuine desire to work and love what they do.  At Centre for Education & Training we know finding, hiring and keeping employees can cost you both time and money. Discover what the staffing experts can do for you!

NO Cost Job Postings

Avoid the cost of conventional advertising. Post all your positions at no cost.

Prescreened Applicants

Save the time of reading through unqualified resumes – access our talent bank of skilled candidates all referred according to your specific job needs.

Recruitment Support

One-to-one assistance from our Staffing Experts – all ready to assist you with hiring, training plans, and retention for new employers. Take advantage of free professional consultations for job descriptions, training plans, policy development, and selection criteria.

Training Support

Access training grants that provide financial support to employers looking to purchase training for their workforce.

Click here for information on the Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG)

Utilize our Facilities

Meetings rooms are available for your next recruitment or interview session.  Speak to your recruitment specialist about organizing a customized recruitment event – all at NO COST.

Hiring Incentives

Offset the cost of acquiring new staff that may require training. Job Matching and Placement Incentives or wage subsides are available along with specialized incentives for hiring Youth for 4-6 month placements.

If you are an employer and require additional information on Employment Services, contact Scott Beardall, Manager, Employment Services at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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