By Lisa Trudel, Career Specialist
Centre for Education and Training, Parliament Remote Location

Have you heard the expression “career ladder”? Do you know what a “career lattice” is? Are you curious to learn how to boost your “career intelligence”?

The answers to these 3 questions were in a recent Ontario Labour Market Report in an article about the new workplace reality. It was a commentary that focussed on how COVID-19 has impacted countless sectors yet also highlighted occupations that are now in great demand including: healthcare workers, shelter workers, face-mask makers, cleaners, floor decal designers and Acrylic Plexiglass protective barriers manufacturers.

It’s a very good idea. Now and even after the pandemic, careers in the trades will be in demand.

An Apprenticeship is absolutely the way to go if you have an interest.

What is an Apprenticeship? You take classes and learn a trade of your choice by working under the direction of experienced workers, while also earning a living. The completion of an apprenticeship can lead to job prospects with high earning power.

Interested men and women can pick from over 150 occupations within the categories of construction, service, industrial and motive power – with 55 of them being Red Seal Trades. Receiving a Red Seal means that once you complete your designated hours and pass your exam, you can work anywhere in Canada.


When the challenge of COVID-19 and social distancing presented itself in March of 2020, our Care for Newcomer (CNC) Project was left unsure as to how they could continue to serve our community.   This was a challenge they had never faced.

Feedback from parents indicated that they found themselves at a loss with no school, children home all day unable to go outside, along with many other factors.  Upon examining these factors, it was determined there was a need for virtual assistance which CNC was determined to provide.

The CNC team created a master list of all clients who had utilized CNC services over the past two years and reached out to them via phone and email offering TCET’s support.

By Lisa Trudel, Career Specialist
Centre for Education and Training, Parliament Remote Location

Like many people during COVID-19 and the isolation of staying in my home bubble, I have watched too many Netflix shows, and re-watched too many old movies. So last week I changed tactics and looked at my dusty bookshelves.
As I dusted off each book and tried to decide to either keep the book or donate it to the Little Free Library or Free Book-Sharing Box down the road from where I live, I came across a classic: “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey. Originally published in 1989, it is a business standard for anyone who seeks insight into how to adapt to change and how to take advantage of the opportunities that change creates.

Written by: Shelley Lowe Dorsey

This is a good question, but a problem that is easy to overcome. The good news is that everyone is trying to stay healthy by staying in and self-isolating, but making face-to-face or in-person connections has become difficult if you are looking for work. The truth is, companies are still hiring and networking and meetings can still be done virtually. Here are 10 ways to make start to make the best use of your time while at home: