My husband had scheduled his assessment at the Centre for Education and Training at the Sussex Centre.  The day of his appointment he woke up feeling very nervous and was even considering cancelling as he felt he wasn't ready.  He felt embarassed because the English language is something he finds difficult and he is not confident in his reading, writing and speaking abilities.

Once at the Centre, he was called by Carolyn, the lady who was going to assess him.  Still anxious and with a look of fear in his eyes off he went to be assessed.  After completion my husband came out with a big smile on his face.  together we went with Carolyn to hear his results.

Carolyn made Pawel feel very at ease.  She was extremely pleasant, took her time to explain clearly what options he had.  Carolyn made my husband feel very comfortable, she was very professional but at the same time friendly.  In the end he flet very happy that he did not cancel.  Currently he is enrolled in homestudy and is enjoying it.  thanks to Carolyn, Pawel's experience was a good one.  We highly recommend this centre!

- Dorothy - CLARS PHD Mississauga


Fawzi came in to do French assessment along with his wife Eugenie.  [...] He is a retired French teacher from Egypt and his wife was a dressmaker.

They did not opt to go for French classes because of the distance and declined CLIC en ligne classes, as they do not have computer or computer skills to do online courses. They are [...] currently taking English classes, as their proficiency in English is also very limited.

They left very happy and expressed their words of appreciation and gratitude in a video.

Fawzi Guirguis also left a thank you note in the survey sheet:

“Je suis très content de la belle réception de Mme Pankaj Sachdeva. Merci beaucoup de tous les conseils et les renseignements que j’ai eus."

- Pankaj, Language Assessor & Fawzi G. - CLARS PHD Brampton


For me as a busy mother of two, with a full time job in housekeeping department of a senior home and a full schedule every day,  this online program is just perfect. I can study anytime, in my spare time, in the morning or evening and on the weekends. Every day I practice my English. Through LINC program my reading, writing, speaking and listening skills are improving. Indeed, making progress feels great.

- Tatjana H. - LINC Home Study Canada


You can stay at your own paces and have your class, learn by yourself at your own rhythm, you can take care of your family at the same time.  This program is very important for people who has a job and need to take English classes too. One on one courses. The teacher has time to correct all our mistakes

- Marilou B. - Online English Stage 1-2


On line webinars and presentations can be often be daunting and or uninspiring.  You don’t see the other attendees, you don’t always see the presenters, it can be difficult to ask questions and receive answers. You may not be completely enthralled in the topic and depending on where you are….there could be multitude distractions.  The webinars that Susan Webb LCTS provides, minimizes those concerns.  Susan creates and presents webinars that are interesting, relevant and in many cases timely.  Cases in point were her “In Class Assessment and Progression” presentation in early October and “Sharing our Rubrics and other Assessment Tools” in November.  I was one month into my first teaching role, and these webinars presented options and suggestions I needed to consider, in order to help assess my student’s needs and design my future plans.  Susan takes pains to ensure that any questions posted during the session are noted and answered.  And if they do somehow get missed, she follows up with the questioner afterwards to make sure they receive the answers they need.  Susan and her team are very respectful of peoples’ time and energies.  She and her team stick to the topics of discussion and resist the temptation to stray, or allow the participants to stray, into different discussions.  I find Susan’s webinars and presentations to be very user friendly and interesting, which makes it easier to find and commit the time to sit and listen and learn.

- Sharon U., Language Instructor (Language Curriculum Training Services Client)


The [Mental Health PD Conference, organized by TCET Language Curriculum Training Services] sessions were very beneficial and currently very important too!  Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity!  Also to IRCC and specially our settlement officer who agreed to made adjustment on our class schedule. That also gave the opportunity to our Instructors.

Thanks again,

- Gajakarnan M., Language Instructor (Language Curriculum Training Services Client)


[The Coordinator of the Language Curriculum Training Services,] Susan Webb is smart, friendly, approachable and always willing to inform and guide.

Gentle in her dealings, Susan is ready to go that extra mile to accommodate and facilitate teachers like me who are frequent visitors and users of the LCTS services. There is ample of material that one can borrow. Each item is catalogued, in pristine condition and can be borrowed to help further the knowledge of students.

I have also had the privilege of attending webinars conducted by Susan. They are informative and very useful. Susan takes care right from informing us about the workshop to the final certificate handing followed by sending us the links to revise and access the handouts.

Susan’s kind nature makes one want to frequent the library, where with her warm welcoming smile she helps you find a solution to any and all queries. Thank you Susan for all that you have done and are continuing to do for us.

- Dhira S, Teacher, Language Instructor (Language Curriculum Training Services Client)


I have attended many of Susan Webb’s [LCTS] webinars.  Her course material and handouts are really very informative. She has very good mentoring and right communicating approach that makes the webinar very interactive.   Her handout package is always available for viewing and she promptly advises us accordingly.

I would like to thank Susan for sharing her knowledge and experience with us and looking forward to many more to come.

Best regards,”

- Sarayu K., Teacher, Language Instructor (Language Curriculum Training Services Client)


 Assessor was very open and friendly and informative.

-Tuhin N. - CLARS PHD Brampton


A great Centre. Pankaj is such a sweetheart. I will never forget how I could comment with her.  And thanks to her, I’m on my way to doing the TESL from Humber.

-Meenu W. - CLARS PHD Brampton


The Assessor was very friendly.  When I showed my intention of going to a job fair in the same organization, she encourage me and motivated me.  Today, I am hired by the same organization.  It’s a great experience to have met Ms. Arjumand.

-Mangla S. - CLARS PHD Brampton


Pankaj is very friendly & cordial in her approach.  She is knowledgeable & informed me on all the details.  Loved my experience with her & will surely refer & come back!

-Asawari L. - CLARS PHD Brampton


I started LINC Home Study in July, 2017 . I was doing level 7 . My instructor and I spoke once every week for 30 minutes. She helped me with my reading, speaking and writing. She would also give me homework for the rest of the week. I really enjoyed the homework part because it was mostly about improving my vocabulary and doing research. All this helped me overcome my language barrier and speak with confidence in public. Doing the LINC Home Study program helped me become computer friendly. I hardly knew much about computers before starting the online learning. All I did was follow the instructions and I would be where I should be.  Now I can surf the Internet with no worries, use different web sites and know their differences. I also participated in online conversations, where I would get a topic of discussion and discus it in a group with other students from all over Canada.

I had a wonderful experience with LINC Home Study, and I will be a successful student at my new college because of this foundation in English.

My sincere thanks to all the LINC Online Learning staff.


-Syntyche M. - LINC Home Study

I started my online LINC course in 2014. At that time I lived in a small city located in a remote area in North Vancouver Island. This city is too small, there are limited education resources available. Based on this situation, my ESL teacher arranged this online LINC course for me. I believed this way was the best way I could continue my English learning.

-LHS Client

I started my English course from level 3. My teacher, she taught me a lot of things like how to understand the Canadian culture, how to communicate with others in a wide variety of places like workplace, shopping, how to fill out a government form, etc. I would like to say these were pretty much helpful for my daily life.

-LHS Client

I got laid-off in December 2015. For more opportunities and better education for my son, I moved to Great Vancouver. During that time, I didn’t have a job, so attending the online LINC course was the best way to cheer me up, to not feel discouraged, and it gave me a lot of skills and knowledge on how to find a new job. For example, we simulated a real life situation to learn how to have a telephone interview and an interview in person. These exercises were valuable on my job seeking road. I learned how to show my special skills, explain how useful I am for the company that I want to work for. Of course, my teacher has integrated these exercises with the modules, and I found a lot of resources in the LMS website. Getting laid-off was unfortunate, but I could feel a lot of warmth from my online LINC calls, because I knew I wasn’t fighting for life alone, LINC Home Study was always with me.

-LHS Client

After these memorable days, I passed all level 6 tests, then I got a great job in Vancouver about 1 month ago. My new position was IT specialist, plus my boss has already promoted me to my new position of IT Manager and let me be in charge of the whole IT department. All employees in my workplace are speaking English, which is a new challenge, but I believe LINC Home Study will stay with me same as before. I really appreciate everything my teacher and your organization did for me.

-LHS Client