Employment Services

"To make the long story short, I would say that the Centre for Education & Training and it's staff most specially my Career Specialist Ms. Anila Umar has played a big role in nursing back my confidence and marketability to prospective employers during the time when I was laid-off. All the staff have patiently helped me with whatever I needed to getting employed again e.g. updating my Resume, Cover letter, Mock Interviews, pin-pointing prospective employers related to my credentials and work experience etc. I am now working as a class 1 Metal Grinder/Shipper-Receiver for a pressure vessel manufacturing company and also as a licensed Insurance and Mortgage agent for two different companies as well."

The lay-off was a real eye opener for me and has helped me open my mind to the vast opportunities out there up for grabs to help myself and my family gets ahead in life. YOU can be an even more successful story than myself, it all starts with YOURSELF with the help of Centre for Education & Training. So get started and be an inspiration to everyone!"

-Joel V.

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Newcomer Services

Ahmad, a Syrian newcomer client was referred by a friend who had previously accessed NIC and ES services at the Sussex Centre location. Prior to his visit, the client was feeling confused as to which direction to go in terms of his career. As a newcomer, he was excited to receive important relevant additional information regarding his settlement and career advancement. On his first visit, NIC staff provided information and referral resources that were necessary for his settlement and employment needs, including driver’s license information, a list of libraries, and other resources in the community. The NIC staff assisted Ahmad with resources and information for resume writing, labour market information and English language training programs. A direct referral to the TCET Employment Ontario Services, Youth Job Link (YJL) program, gave Ahmad access to employers with job opportunities. After enrolling with YJL, through Employment Services and with a new professional resume Ahmad was referred to a job fair and as a result found employment. Ahmad was thankful for the assistance of the NIC staff who provided him with the information and referrals he needed to find his career success.

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Youth Services

I came to The Centre for Education & Training at Don Mills and sat with Hazel, who explained the job search process to me, coached me on improving my communication and interview skills; helped me in writing a good resume and connected me with The City of Toronto for the Camp Counselling position. This which was my very first job and I am really thankful for all the help I got which allowed me to obtain my first position.

I am still working for The City of Toronto in different positions such as drop-in, after school recreation centre and as a Basketball Instructor / Monitor. I believe that because of this opportunity given to me at such a young age, doors will be opened for me to get a job with The City when I am finished school.

Based on my experience, I encourage youth and adults to join The Centre for Education & Training to pursue a great future in their career of choice.

-Helen A.

Language Services

The assessment today was very smooth and straight forward, I was very glad to have my english skills tested. I would like to thank my instructor Christina, for her pleasant welcoming attitude. I highly recommend all the new commers to come and visit the Language training Center, it is the perfect right start for their new life in Canada!

-Lama A.- CLARS PHD Oakville

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TCET Client Success Facts 2017

  • The Centre for Education and Training: Provided services to 94,790 individuals and 1259 organizations and businesses!
  • 17,554 job seekers were provided with 1:1 job search assistance and counseling
  • Over 13,975 newcomers visited our information and referral centres
  • 22,858 newcomer language assessments were completed in Peel / Halton / York / Simcoe / Durham