Job Seeker Testimonials

"Parliament Employment Services has provided me with the perfect environment and all the facilities needed to implement my self-marketing process. Here, I found all the materials needed to build my database of contacts."

– Mary Liu

"I really appreciate the Centre for Education & Training because now I have a fantastic new resume.  For the first time in my life I went to a Job Fair fully prepared and now I’ve been offered a job!"

– Barry Dignum

Fact: 81% of participants successfully achieved their employment and/or training goals in 2013

"I was unexpectedly laid off from my administrative job that I had held for 8 years. I was confused, sad, angry and scared… But I took a deep breath, turned on my computer and started researching some of my options. One of the first websites that I came upon was of Centre for Education & Training located at 595 Parliament Street. I dropped in and spoke to the very welcoming staff who advised me of the many options available...

I signed up for all [workshops] and they were outstanding! Not only were they very informative, the facilitators were professional, friendly and made you feel relaxed during such a  very stressful time of being unemployed. They actually made them fun! I also had a great career counselor named Arvinder assigned to me and having her to lean on and help with pretty much everything was such a relief!

I eventually decided that I would apply to go back to school through Second Career… It was an arduous process but with Arvinder helping and supporting me I was very lucky to be accepted and this January will be attending George Brown to become a Medical Secretary. Arvinder will continue to help me with whatever I need and I will still be utilizing the workshops and services offered at TCET so that I will be very prepared when it comes time to get a job in my new career!

The Centre for Education & Training has been valuable to me in so many ways and has surpassed all of my expectations!"

– Mary Symonds

Fact: Someone is hired every 34 minutes!

"I moved to Toronto from the Yukon in November 2010, with the dreams of making it big in this city. My dreams very soon turned into nightmare when even after applying to hundreds of companies, I never got a job offer. 

It was 7 months I had moved to the city and funds were running low, that's when I came to Centre for Education & Training. I got immense help from the staff here, specially Ms. Luedeke, who helped me with my resume and cover letter and tweaking them for every job I was applying for. 

Finally in August I got 2 temporary jobs, one with Lowes and the other with Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre. While working in these jobs, I kept on applying and now am happy to inform that I have been offered the post of Guest Service Associate for Carnival Cruise Lines and would be soon flying out to Miami where I board the ship.

Without the constant help and support of the centre, I would not have come this far. 

Thank you all a million times for being there for me and helping me when I needed it the most."

– Dhruv Mukherjee

Fact: 5000 individuals provided with 1:1 employment coaching in 2013

"In the need of the hour Centre for Education & Training gave me the basic orientation which a newcomer to this country is essentially looking for in order to settle down and pursue his goals. Today I am more confident and able to support myself."

– Manoj Pai

"When I came to the Employment Services Centre, I was frustrated and anxious but my Career Specialist soon put my fears and frustrations to rest.  Krystyna helped me put together an effective resume and cover letter and coached me through my mock interview.  It took three tries, but the third time I was able to effectively answer the interview questions and gain confidence to go out into the real world with a real employer. 

The job preparations workshops were amazing, and through networking I was able to land an interview, which I excelled at, and got a job. 

Thank you Employment Services Centre, for making me job ready."

– Natasha Hypolite

"I am writing to express my complete satisfaction with the services provided to me by Krystyna Zamko, Career Specialist with the Centre for Education & Training.

Krystyna has been most helpful in aiding me with updating my resume and helping me explore different career opportunities.  Identifying my transferable skills and areas of expertise was instrumental in helping me in my job search.

The Centre for Education & Training and the staff have been most helpful in my search for full time employment and I will continue to use the great services at my disposal in order to fulfill my need to once again find a full time position in my field."

– Eric Elder

Fact: 99% satisfaction rate!

"To make the long story short, I would say that the Centre for Education & Training and it's staff most specially my Career Specialist Ms. Anila Umar has played a big role in nursing back my confidence and marketability to prospective employers during the time when I was laid-off. All the staff have patiently helped me with whatever I needed to getting employed again e.g. updating my Resume, Cover letter, Mock Interviews, pin-pointing prospective employers related to my credentials and work experience etc. I am now working as a class 1 Metal Grinder/Shipper-Receiver for a pressure vessel manufacturing company and also as a licensed Insurance and Mortgage agent for two different companies as well." 

The lay-off was a real eye opener for me and has helped me open my mind to the vast opportunities out there up for grabs to help myself and my family gets ahead in life. YOU can be an even more successful story than myself, it all starts with YOURSELF with the help of Centre for Education & Training. So get started and be an inspiration to everyone!"

– Joel Valtiendas

"Awesome Job Preparation Series! I found the topics we covered during the workshop to be of great value. I feel a lot more prepared and understand how to better search for a jobs. I will definitely recommend friends and family that are currently unemployed. Getting the right information gets you closer to your goal."

– David Anderson

"... I applied for that volunteer job at JusticeNet and went to an interview today.  I got accepted!  It isn't a paying job but I feel that I am one step closer to that Paralegal job I want very much.  The people there are kind and even said that I could ask around lawyers there for information about how to apply for paralegal courses and stuff. 

Andrea, the interview tips you gave in the job preparation series seminar helped immensely to settle my nerves.  I was so very nervous last night and I went over and over the photocopies you gave us so that I could have an idea of what to expect in the interview.  It went well!

Lisa, the resume you helped me revise was so very useful and effective.  Heidi is the executive director for JusticeNet and she said that I was the last one they would be accepting as a volunteer.  She even called personally to set a time for the interview.  I have a feeling she liked my resume.  Thank you for the tips as well as helping me find this volunteer job!"

– Jeffri Canasa

"Anila worked with me during my job search by providing a great deal support, expertise, and knowledge on job search techniques as well as labour market trends. She reviewed all of my resumes and cover letters, and conducted mock interviews with me to help prepare me for interviews. I found a job within 6 months of working with Anila, which was an excellent fit with my background and experience. Her support throughout this process was exceptional, and was one of the best experiences I have had working with a career counselor."

– Natasha Hotchkiss

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